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Key Takeaways - Industrial Tech Report 2021

Key Takeaway #1: Industrial tech is key to solving the climate crisis, as it contributes together with logistics to 38% of the entire CO2 emissions. But we are on a good track and climate awareness was found in every subcategory within Industrial Tech.

Key Takeaway #2: The valuation of the industrial Tech ecosystem more than doubled in value to €73.9bn and created a strong individual ecosystem within VC. There are now 13 unicorns in Europe and several more in the pipeline.

Key Takeaway #3: The recent drivers for this development were favourable funding conditions: Non-European funding and corporate money were heavily piling up and COVID-19 remained as an accelerator.

In our recent Industrial Tech Talk, we did not only speak about the key highlights from the report but chose two burning topics to dive deeper into. First, we discussed whether robotics has reached maturity yet. The topic was kicked-off by an impulse speech from Robic Dechant, the co-founder of Aveo. To give our audience the most holistic viewpoint on the topic we invited a VC, a Startup and a Corporate to discuss the question.

Second, we did not shy away to ask, what impact startups have on a more sustainable industry. Again, we let three stakeholders discuss their opinions.

The entire ITT recording can be rewatched on YouTube


Robin Dechant, Aveo

Andrew Bright, Woodside Capital

Jordi Atigas, ABB

Jacob Bro, 2150

Clair Cusko, one five

Christian Piechnick, Wandelbots

Georg Stockinger, Paua Ventures

Lluis Tricas, Procter & Gamble

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